The aerospace industry in the 21st century is enjoying rapid growth and development, but remains rooted in the foundations, efforts, and ideas of yesterday. Faced with a wide variety of emerging industry practices and complex issues, law and policy in the aerospace sector must not only continue to develop apace, but also foster development and innovation.
The objective of this annual essay competition is to offer insight into pertinent issues and challenges, offering potential solutions and analyses from professionals and experts in the fields of air and space law. Moreover, these insights demonstrate the global nature of air and space activities, and how current and future challenges require a progressive approach in the development and application of law and policy.
This collection of essays, addressing the contemporary issues and future challenges in air and space law, provides a valuable resource for experienced practitioners and students. By delving past headlines and buzzwords to explore current and future challenges and solutions, these essays should present a rigorous legal examination relevant to the missions and efforts of international and regional organisations, civil aviation professionals, international and national space agencies, private operators, investors, insurers, and aviation and space consultancies.