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June 13, 2019


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How did the feminist movement started? It started with women demanding equal rights, then they started demanding equal opportunities and now they want to tear apart the patriarchal ideologies ensuring that women have equal status in the society as men. But the contemporary feminism has taken altogether a different path.  The massive feminism wave had led to this movement lost its real essence. From urging for an equal society where both men and women are given equal status and opportunities, to demanding for a society that is women oriented, this movement has altogether developed different objective and connotation.
The contemporary feminism ideology is that women need a society where they are given dominant status and a better recognition than men. And there are several areas where women have achieved not only equal rights but an advantageous position over men.
This has led to a situation where men are unhappy and disappointed as their rights are being neglected. It’s not just women. Men also do suffer from sexual violence and denial of opportunities at several places. At the same time the fact that women suffer much more and rates of violence against women is much higher as compared to that of men. But does it mean that what men suffer should be neglected? There are stronger laws that protect women against sexual abuse. The feminist movement actively pictures out the atrocities that women suffer but it never highlights the abuse and denial that men suffer and they need protection as well. Unfortunately, many states do not even recognise the term ‘rape’ for men which itself indicates lack of awareness and empathy towards it. If women want equality, shouldn’t there be equal laws to protect both genders? Shouldn’t we protect abused and aggrieved individuals rather than aggrieved women? The different movements highlighting the abuse against women often victimize them rather. Today’s feminist movement focuses on what makes them weaker and in what ways they are affected or abused. It highlights their sufferings and complaints rather than solving them and no sooner there would be a time where this movement would be left with just a collection of their outrages and protestations.
#metoo movement, women’s liberation movement, #BringBackOurGirls; dare anybody say against these movements. In one of the debates, Donald Trump called Hillary Clinton a ‘nasty women’ and everybody condemned him as ‘sexist’. But nobody was bothered of him mocking about Marco Rubio’s height. What if he would have said the same about a woman? Again all the feminists would have awakened and protested against Trump’s statement.
The feminist movement on one hand demands for equality between men and women and on the other hand, by focusing only on empowerment and protection of women itself is creating a divide. Feminist movement should not be terminated. It must continue but with its real essence. It should aim to empower women. It should aim to liberate women from the patriarchal ideologies. The motive should be equal recognition of every individual’s rights and protection of every individual against abuse.



Jhalak Nandwani, is a fourth year B.Com L.L.B. (Hons.) student at Gujarat National Law University and also perusing Company Secretary Course from Institute of Company Secretary of India. The author has written various papers and blogs that have been published in a number of reputed journals and websites of the country. The author also has experience gathered from various internships in different sectors and areas of law.


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