1. The essays shall be in English.
  2. The word limit for the essay is 4500-5000 words (exclusive of footnotes or any other references).
  3. The mandatory formatting specifications for the essay are: 1-inch margin on all sides; Times New Roman typeface with 12-point font size; and 1.5 line spacing.
  4. For footnotes, the mandatory formatting specifications shall be: Times New Roman typeface with 10-point font size; and single (1) line spacing.
  5. Authorities must be cited throughout the essay using the OSCOLA citation method: (https://www.law.ox.ac.uk/sites/files/oxlaw/oscola_4th_edn_hart_2012.pdf).
  6. A bibliography is not expected. Tables and figures should have a title and number.
  7. Quotations may be in the original language if a translation is provided in English either in the text or in a footnote.
  8. ANONYMITY: To protect anonymity and to ensure a fair process, neither the name of the applicant nor the name of his/her university must appear anywhere in the submitted essay.
  9. PLAGIARISM: Plagiarism is cause for immediate disqualification. The original content limit shall stay above 80 percent.
  10. The copyright of the entry to the Journal will rest with the Editorial Board once the entry has been selected and the authors(s) of the same have been notified.