March 2, 2019
March 17, 2019


Love have no boundaries and no gender
SECTION 377 Of Indian Penal Code is an act that criminalize homosexuality and was introduced in year 1861 during British rule in India. Referred to unnatural offences and says whoever voluntarily has carnal intercourse against the  nature with any men and women or animal shall be punished with imprisonment for  life.
So here  on this  view  does that mean  as  being a women if she  fell in love  with other women she   have  to face   the society and it is   a sin to  love   some one of same  gender  don’t we  as people need  to change  the mentality   according to 21st century where we live   with all the freedom  then  why don’t  we  get  the  right  to choose  our  own partner  why   being  homosexual is considered as   shameful in society and  many times   to hide   this   parents of that  particular  boy or girl    forcefully   make  them marry  their opposite  gender to save  their  respect in society result  of  which they   ruin   both the person lives.
And many  people who support it   came  forward – It was  first challenged by NGO’s NAZ Foundation and AIDS Bedhbhav Virodh Andolan in high court in 2001. However petition were dismissed in the court but it kept on going on in other way and finally in 2016 five petitions were filed in Supreme Court by LGBT ACTIVISTS and  it was resulted   in 2018  6, September the apex Court bench announced that consensual adult gay sex marriage is not crime and no one can  snatch  their  fundamental right mentioned in part 3 of constitution and  section 377 cannot  violate  it and  Article 14 and 21 contradict the present view  of section 377.
So  as result  LGBT community finally  get  their rights  back   but   as  a citizen   when  we  see it   we  will find  that still  society don’t accept them  properly still they  have  to face   tantrums in society about being  homosexual.  Society need to know –  “Love see  no religion, no caste and no sexuality, they  are  free to choose  their partner, they are free to  live  happily in their own condition as  love  has  no words and no gender”.   They  were  fighting with  law   for  their  freedom  and when   they  won  the battle they  realized  they have  to  struggle  more  they  have  to  still continue to  fight   with  their  society.  Many times   we as citizens says  laws don’t support them but     as  deep as we go we   realize society don’t support them   they   feel shame of the  people  who belongs to this community.
Is this called  equality to all  being the citizen and people of  the society they should learn to accept  that’s   how  they are born  that’s how  they need  society to accept them, support them
When   a child  is born  homosexual  parents should say with   pride that they are my child  and  we  support them  so  changes should be made    from here   so that they can live   their life  freely they  don’t have  to hide   their  identity  for  the  respect  but people should respect them  with  the way  they are.


Monisha Acharya is second year law student at Chanderprabhu Jain College and School of Law,  IP University 



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