Episode 1: The IJLPP Podcast – OHCHR impleadment, Nirbhaya Case and ICC on Afghan War Crimes

In the first Episode of the IJLPP Podcast, Aakash Chandran, Pranav Tanwar and Saurabh Pandey discuss:

1. The OHCHR petition to implead in the constitutional challenge for Citizenship Amendment Act, 2019
2. Causes for delay in finalization of Nirbhaya Case convicts and lagging criminal justice system, and
3. Shifts in the power of the Office of the Prosecutor at International Criminal Court after Appeal Chamber’s decision on Afghan War Crimes


Episode 2: The IJLPP Podcast – FCRA Judgment, IBC Amendment and SAARC relevance for Corona

In the second Episode of the IJLPP Podcast, Saurabh Pandey, Karun Gupta, Rishika Jain and Pranav Tanwar discuss:

1. The Supreme Court Judgment on FCRA: Implications and Vagueness in words of the judgments (Karun)
2. IBC (Second) Amendment: Main Pointers, frequency and complications in the Code (Rishika)
3. SAARC gaining relevance again with the Prime Minister taking South Asian countries on board for COVID-19 battle (Saurabh)